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UCF TJ Skid Spacers

UCF TJ Skid Spacers

Space that skid plate down to remove vibrations or temporarily use spacers with a high-clearance skid plate to save money now.

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$126.00 tax excl.


UCF Skid Plate Spacers are fabricated from 3/16" steel plate.  Thay are laser cut from 2 pieces per side and formed on a CNC brake then MIG welded for a secure fit.  They are 1" tall and are universal for all model years of TJ and LJ.  UCF Skid Spacers have ramped ends to avoid being caught up rocks. 

There are lots of potential uses for these spacers.  They could be used to avoid a SYE/CV driveshaft as a result of a suspension lift.  They could also be used to temporarily avoid these same expensive components with the purchase of a high clearance skid plate.


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