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UCF LOPRO ('03-'06 TJ) Trans. Mount

Move your transfer case down into your skid plate to reduce driveline angles or allow you to install a TT without a body lift.

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$132.00 tax excl.


UCF LOPRO Transmission Mount ('03-'06 TJ)

The UCF LOPRO Transmission Mount was designed to allow you to cheat.

For years people assumed you needed drop-down spacers for the stock transfer case skid so you can install a 3" suspension lift on a TJ - Not with the LOPRO mount!

Everyone also thought you needed a body lift to install a TT skid on a TJ or LJ - Not with the LOPRO mount!

There are many ways to take advantage of the clearance afforded by the LOPRO mount.  Some probably haven't yet been considered. 

The new mount is a direct replacement for the factory transmission mount on the '03-'06 model TJ and LJ.  It is almost 1" shorter than the factory piece.  This lowers the transfer case down into the skid plate by the same amount.  That 1" of extra clearance can go far toward reducing metal-on-metal vibration and avoiding body lifts.  Some increase in felt drivetrain vibration should be expected with this transmission mount. 

The LOPRO mount uses a combination of 2 rubber bushings to isolate the transmission from the skid plate. The first is a 3/16" sheet of soft rubber that separates the 2 halves of the mount. This pad provides tension so that the power-train can transfer energy to the secondary round bushing that's located on the outer edge of the mount when under load in forward gears. This secondary bushing is what really holds the mount together and what provides all the vibration isolation when in reverse.

Some modifications to the factory bracket that connects the transmission mount to the transmission will be necessary.  You will be required to shorten a flange with a sawzall or angle grinder.  The LOPRO mount will be shipped unassembled and unpainted.  You will need to paint all the bare steel parts and install the rubber bushing.


The LOPRO mount will not be directly compatible with the UCF High-Clearance Transfer Case Skid Plate if used with the 42RLE automatic transmission.  The transmission pan would interfere with the bent front edge of the skid plate.  The front edge of the skid plate could be modified to allow the parts to be used together. 



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