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UCF Chassis Link Mounting System for 3/4" Heims (Batwing)

Lower Chassis-Side Link Mounting System for Triangulated Four-Link

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The UCF Chassis Link Mounting System (Batwing) was designed to allow you to easily mount your lower links to a crossmember at the chassis side.  It mounts to 1 3/4" OD round tube.  The mount is laser cut from 5/16" carbon steel plate.  It fits together like a puzzle with tabs and slots to create mounting points that are just over 2" wide.  5/8" mounting holes are provided, but they can be oversized easily for larger bolt sizes. The key feature that differentiates our Batwing from that of other off-road shops is that it provides a smooth transition from the skid plate to the mount by offsetting the suspension joints up a bit.  The mount provides 7" of lateral seperation and 40 degrees of total angle between the joints.

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